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Concert Photography:

How to Shoot and Sell Music-Business Photographs

By Jon Sievert

334 pages: $29.95
ISBN 0-9647009-1-3

Have you ever dreamed of photographing your favorite musicians and seeing your byline in print? This book will show you the path. It is the only one that addresses the specifics of producing and marketing photographs to the specialized and highly competitive world of the music industry.

Written by a widely published music-business photographer with 25 years' experience, it is targeted to photographers just starting out and those with previous success in the music business. Everything you need to know to produce and sell high-quality photographs of musicians both on and offstage is here, including insights and tips from some of today's most successful music-business photographers, such as Jim Marshall, Neil Zlozower, Ross Halfin, Jay Blakesberg, Lynn Goldsmith, and Paul Natkin.

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"A fabulous, well-written book that covers every aspect of music-business photography. Required reading for anyone who wants to photograph musicians and see his or her work published. Even experienced photographers will learn from it."

--Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone's first chief photographer

"Photographing musicians in concert is difficult. There's not only the problem of access, but the vagaries of lighting and the egos of the artists, managers, and PR people. Jon shows you how to tackle those problems and many more, demonstrating his authority with his wonderful photos."

--Jim Marshall (the Godfather)

"Technically, the book is exhaustive, providing how-to advice from the simplest pointers to the most darkroom-oriented. From directories of potential buyers for your images to chapters on buying camera equipment, this book is an imperative read for its target audience, and an unusual look at the music industry for the rest of us."

--James Sullivan, BAM

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